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These fine carpets are made by skilled women who bind together multicolour pieces of cloth. In the past every woman had a wooden loom, supported by four cylindrical boards to produce carpets on their own. In this way the tradition of carpets from Erice started.


With the Greek influence the Sicilians became specialists and produced fine carpets. At the end of XIII century wool production and canvas weaving laboratories developed and became a commercial activity. Its success had both a cultural and economic importance.


The weaving technique consists in stretching several parallel strings (ordito). These are woven with other cotton strings (trama).

In order to realise these productsA� (carpets, bags, doormats…) 100% cotton and jersey stripes are used.

Carpets are produced with scrap pieces of cloth or recycled scraps. For this reason they are colourful and often have a black tissue background with geometric motifs. Nowadays we can still see the creativity of these women in the carpets displayed in the shop windows. During the Christmas season there are exhibitions of the Nativity scene. The most important is a�?Il Presepe tra i Tappeti Ericinia�? (the Nativity scene among the carpets of Erice) by Anna Savalli. This is a unique way of putting the Nativity scene on display.