Typical Cheese

Typical cheese

AmongA� typical Sicilian cheese we can find the a�?Tumaa�?. This word indicates a certain degree of aging of pecorino cheese. Generally, the word a�?Tumaa�?, or a�?tomaa�? indicate a fresh cheese that can be made with sheepa��s milk, cowa��s milk or a mixture of both.

Tuma is produced from the curd without adding salt. The lack of salt prevents its conservation and therefore tuma must be consumed within one or maximum two weeks from its production. Some tuma cheese are also made with cowa��s milk. At first the tuma was only made with sheepa��s milk.

Tuma A�is only one of the phases of production and of the aging of the pecorino cheese. In fact, Pecorino cheese can be consumed in the following four stages: a�?Tumaa�?, a�?Primosalea�?, a�?Secondo salea�? and a�?Aged Pecorinoa�?.